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USPS Informed Delivery -Sign Up Before ID Thieves Do

POSTED May 10th 2019 BY Travel Writer
Hugo Boss Cagan Mens Grey Stripe Flat Front Wool Dress Pants 32R 33x30.5 Current Do you get checks, tax documents, bank statements, credit cards, or legal documents in the mail? Sign up for USPS informed delivery on the USPS website. If you don’t, thieves could sign up first in your name and be informed before you are as to what is being delivered to you and whether it is worth stealing before you have a chance to get to...
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POSTED May 3rd 2019 BY Travel Writer
BERNE HOODED WORK COAT with quilted insulated interior. NAVY MENS size LARGE.Exc Hidden cameras in Airbnb’s are rare but are highly invasive, creepy, and can be devastating if the images are posted to the internet.  It is worth taking a “sweep” of your accommodations for your peace of mind. Putting a surveillance device in an area like the bedroom or bathroom is against Airbnb’s rules. If you find a camera contact Airbnb. There’s no surefire way to be...
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POSTED May 1st 2019 BY Beth Williams
Men's Loose Cargo Baggy Hip Hop Pants Casual Trousers Sweatpants plus size Better Safe than Sorry – International Travelers Should Register with the Department of State Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) While many travelers may be aware that most countries abroad have a US embassy to contact in case of emergency, they may not be aware of a program run by the US State Department for travelers who travel outside of the United States.  The Smart Traveler...
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Mens Cotton Casual Sports Winter Warm Pants Fur Lined Jogger Trousers Tapered mg POSTED April 9th 2019 BY Travel Writer
It rarely happens but when an emergency occurs on a cruise ship it is a huge logistical undertaking to keep everyone safe and in extreme cases get them evacuated off the ship. Well, it just happened. The cruise ship the Viking Sky was sailing in waters along the Norwegian coast when the engine failed in rough seas stranding the ship. They airlifted half of the...
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POSTED March 29th 2019 BY Beth Williams
SUNMAN SUNFLAIR Badeshorts Boardshorts Strandshorts Beach red blue ÜBERGRÖSSEN Keep em’ Out! Most criminals who burglarize homes are looking for an easy hit; a house that they can break into quickly, take something of value and leave without being detected. There’s no fail-proof way to keep out a burglar, but every little bit of deterrence helps.  Even if you can’t afford a security system, you can take a few minutes to make your home a little...
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This supplement could save your life on your next flight

POSTED March 23rd 2019 BY Travel Writer
No doubt you’ve heard about developing deep vein thrombosis or DVT in your legs during a long flight. DVT can be a life-threatening blood clot that travels through your bloodstream to your lungs causing a pulmonary embolism. A pulmonary embolism can block blood flow and be fatal. Signs of potential DVT include swelling of the ankles and/or legs and can be very uncomfortable. Good news,...
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